Ultimate Cocktail Arcade. Plays Vertical and Horizontal games! (Cabinet Only)

Ultimate Cocktail Arcade. Plays Vertical and Horizontal games! (Cabinet Only)

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FREE stools with upgraded wrap!

FREE Shipping in California!

Black Trim (T-Molding) is included. Or you can select green, red, yellow, or blue trim for $95 more.

Top art (Included) choices are: Black (add your own decals), "Arcade", Multicade in Green, Blue or Red, Eighties top, or Magic top. Please look at the product images for details. Each picture has an explanation. If solid black is chosen, Tempered Glass top lifts off to add your own decals.

Now with a 1 year full warranty included in the price!

Tempered Glass Top. Cabinets are built using thermally sealed melamine moisture resistant wood. Over 25 years experience in arcade cabinet building.

This game comes with a functional Coin Mechanism. Cabinet can be used coin operated or can be set to free play mode. Changing back and forth is easy, our tech team can guide you.

Red 4 way joysticks with trackballs head to head on the vertical side of the cabinet. Two 8way joysticks with 6 buttons on the horizontal side.

Premium sound speakers and stereo amplifier. Controls for volume, bass, treble, and balance.

Brand New 24" LED HDTV. 178 Degree Viewing Angle! Image is visible from any angle! (This is a very important feature that many of our competitors do not offer. If you do not have a wide viewing angle screen it is very difficult to view from the horizontal side. The image will wash out, something called the laptop effect. Google to read up about the benefits of a wide viewing angle screen)

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