About Us

First, we would just like to personally thank you for drilling down a little into our website. We are happy to have you! We realize that there are many online Arcade Vendors and it can be overwhelming trying figure out who you should buy from. Who has what I want? Who can I trust? What makes this company different from any other company? Is it worth it to buy my own board?

We feel that maintaining our reputation is the most important factor to our success. Your only as good as your last review! I think we have all experienced business dealings with a company who is friendly and responsive prior to the sale and then suddenly vanishes or is rude once they have your money. This will never happen with ProArcades! Our main goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your product for as long as you own it. 

Providing impeccable customer service all starts with our customers being able to quickly contact someone at our company. 888-378-9416 is the phone number on the top of the website and it will always ring through directly to an employee's cell phone. Unless we are sleeping we guarantee that we will always answer the call or reply to voicemails immediately if you are calling during business hours. We will also probably respond even after business hours. Even nights and weekends. We will also guarantee that if you ever have a question or issue with a game (rare) someone from tech support will be available to assist you within 30 minutes during business hours, (and usually even after business hours)